I've made a soundboard application in React Native. I put .wav audio files in res/raw folder and play them with React Native Audio Toolkit library. I've decided to add some new files to my app. But it seems like these new files have 0:00 duration when the old ones work.

I just put the new files into res/raw folder of React Native project. The old files that I've already had in my app work fine. I found out that new files exist in res/raw folder and it's possible to send them by Intent to other apps like messenger (but they cannot be played because they have 0:00 duration). But I can't play them in the app, there's just nothing to hear when I do it.

That's code responsible for playing the .wav files. It's java module from RN Audio Toolkit library.


What is weird that it works on my Samsung Galaxy A5 with android 7.0 but it doesn't on my android 6.0 emulator or xiaomi miui 10.

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