I've set up python in sublimetext 3 but can't seem to do anything. It simply returns:

[Finished in 0.2s]

What am I doing wrong?

This is what I tried: I have been using spyder but it's too slow. PS: I have anaconda and don't want to use that either.

def new_sum(x,y):

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    Not directly related, but return is a statement, so it doesn't need parenthesis to be used. – FrenchMasterSword Jan 12 at 12:01

You return a value, but you do not print it.

Using the interpreter in interactive mode, if something returns something else than None and isn't placed in a variable, it will be printed. This isn't the case with a script.

It has nothing to do with ST3.

Change new_sum(1,2) to print(new_sum(1,2))

  • Thanks, how do I get such things as working directory? Running os.getcwd() doesn't work either. I imported os – NelsonGon Jan 12 at 12:04
  • This requires a different question I think. Check the os functions. – FrenchMasterSword Jan 12 at 12:06
  • Thanks I solved this problem. I'll see how to solve the rest. – NelsonGon Jan 12 at 12:19

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