a spent a lot of time with searching this feature. I would like to add this to my app, but I don't know how. Has anyone any idea what is this please?

I need to add 2018 badge etc to my searchbar.

enter image description here

Thank you for help

  • Did you try adding leftView property in your UISearchBar? – Torongo Jan 12 at 11:59
  • nope, thank you for tip - ill try it – ankmara Jan 12 at 12:14
  • These are usually called tokens and sadly, there isn't a native UI component for them in iOS. Try a search for creating token fields in iOS, there are lots of great libraries for it. – Tamás Sengel Jan 12 at 16:26
  • thank you very much Tamás – ankmara Jan 13 at 16:28

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