Delphi has a unit named Data.FMTBcd.pas. (FMTBcd.pas in older versions).

I know that BCD stands for Binary Coded Decimal.

What does FMT stand for?

  • Perhaps it's FM followed by TBcd, where TBcd is the name of the type defined in the module. But still I wonder, what does FM stand for? – David Dubois Jan 12 at 13:56
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    Short for ForMaT. – MartynA Jan 12 at 14:51
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    TFMTBCDFiefd was introduced in Delphi6. TBCDField was already defined earlier, based on Currency type, with its limits, max 4 decimals, etc... So Borland was in position to invent a new class name, FMTBCD: ForMaT(ted)BCD with enough space to store numeric data. – Marcodor Jan 12 at 15:11

In this context, FMT is a contraction of format.

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    Not to confuse with function FormatBcd. – Uwe Raabe Jan 12 at 17:04

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