I wrote a simple method that acts as a wrapper of PostMessage function to send keystrokes to a non-active window. This method takes a virtual-key code as one of its parameters.


Theorycally, modifier keys and extended keys can't be sent through this function (as commented by many professional programmers, for example this comment by @Hans Passant), so, I would like to programmatically determine whether the virtual-key code argument that my method receives it belongs to a "normal" key, a modifier key or a extended key, this way I would be able to treat these last two key types with keybd_event or SendInput function instead of PostMessage.


How can achieve this in C# or VB.NET?. I always could write a small if or switch to detect the modifier keys because they are only few, but I can't find any Win32 function that can tell me whether a virtual-key code is a extended key or isn't.

To be honest, I don't know exactly what "extended" key stands for, the only information I found about this terminology is on WM_KEYDOWN / WM_KEYUP docs, where it says something very superficially:

an extended key, such as the right-hand ALT and CTRL keys that appear on an enhanced 101- or 102-key keyboard.

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    An extended key is one of the extra keys on an extended (also known as enhanced) keyboard. These are keys like RCTRL, RALT, Insert, Delete, Num Lock, etc. I've worked a bit with simulating keyboard input myself, but I don't think I've heard of a built-in way to check for extended keys. I think an If statement would be the best way to go... By the way have you seen this: Extended-Key Flag - About Keyboard Input? – Visual Vincent Jan 12 at 14:47
  • If you're using ProcessCmdKey to trap the Message on WM_KEYDOWN, test lParam with bool IsExtended = ((int)msg.LParam & 0x1000000) > 0;. You might have disagreements with some keys, ALT GR, for example. You might want to also trap WM_SYSCOMMAND. – Jimi Jan 12 at 16:26

AFAIK, modifier keys on PC keyboards that have VK constants are the Control, Alt, Shift, and Windows keys.

Extended keys aren't properly documented anywhere, but testing confirms that, aside from the ones listed here, they are VK_APPS, VK_LWIN, VK_RWIN, VK_BROWSER_*, VK_VOLUME_*, VK_MEDIA_*, and VK_LAUNCH_*.

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