I am confused about using map or 2-D array in memoization problem ,sometimes when i uses map (When i am not sure about size of dp table or number of sub problem going to repeat and range of integer is quite large ), It reduces space complexity by large amount.Because when create a dp table not all the blocks are occupied always ,some of them repeat and hence here map works fine.

For the problem where we have to calculate minimum characters to be added to a string to make it palindrome (for more detail spoh aibohp)

Logic used -> length(string) - longest common seq in string and reverse of string

When i used a 2D array dp[][] https://ideone.com/oJYyz3 the result got accepted in 1.24 sec and took 172M of space

But when is used map<pair<int,int>,int> for memoization https://ideone.com/1rMruD status was time limit exceeded and took 300M of space.

According to my knowledge Insertion or searching in map takes place in O(1) time .

1)So why the time limit exceede?

2)And why the space difference is so large?

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  • I beleive that we don't need a map in dp problem. array is enough. – ZhaoGang Jan 12 at 14:39
  • see this algorithmist.com/index.php/SPOJ_COINS can you use array here? @ZhaoGang – aka121212 Jan 12 at 16:02
  • Now what will you say is he mad? @ZhaoGang – aka121212 Jan 12 at 16:04
  • Can you post the original problem? Since the link to it is broken. – ZhaoGang 2 days ago

maps are implemented as red black trees. Insertion and searching takes O(logn) time. Use unordered_map for O(1) complexity, which wont work on pairs.

Also depending on if conditions, if you have used them in between with [] operator, the map size may increase

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