I've build a Vue.js (using vue-cli) hello world app using npm run build then copied dist folder to /var/www/ but its not loading from host (static)ip, only Apache2's default page opens which is in /var/www/html.

What are the steps that have to be taken to deploy a hello world Vue.js application on an Apache2 server(on global ip, not localhost)?

What if I need to run another Vue.js app but on the npm at the same time? (npm run dev, same global ip again)

(OS is Ubuntu 16.04)

  • If it's a static website you distribute it as any other. Put it in the right folder and let Apache serve it. Your question seems to be more like "how do I set up a new virtual host in Apache" because there's nothing different from any other website in terms of how you upload it to an Apache server. – Simon Hyll 2 days ago

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