Sorry for the long request. I'm new to SQL and using fake data to the best of my ability.

I have two tables, call them mycampaigntargeting and mycampaignspend.

  • mycampaigntargeting contains columns for zip code, cities, states, region
  • mycampaignspend contains columns for total_budget, spendtodate, cost-per-lead

Within the mycampaignspend table, I have a query with some of the column being summed

select sum(spendtodate) as Spend
from mycampaignspend

I'm joining mycampaigntargeting and mycampaignspend so my query may look like:

    mycampaigntargeting as target
inner join
    mycampaignspend as campaignspend on target.ID = campaignspend.ID

I get these results:

Campaign    Budget  Tactic       Spend
National    100,000 East Coast .  388
National    100,000 Midwest       477
National    100,000 Central       106
National    100,000 West Coast .  330

For right now, this looks okay because it's easy to read. The issue I run into is when I push this table into DataStudio (or any other dashboard platform) it seems that my spend is being multiplied by by N-1; number of rows minus itself.

To continue the example there are 4 rows. So new spend would be (spend *3)

Campaign    Budget  Tactic       Spend . Dashboard Spend
National    100,000 East Coast .  388          1,1164
National    100,000 Midwest       477           1,431
National    100,000 Central       106
National    100,000 West Coast .  330

I'm pretty sure it's the sum() in my query but I'm not sure the best way to fix it or of the sum is the proper way and I'm missing another step.

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    Which RDBMS is this for? It often does make a difference whether you're using MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL Server or IBM DB2 - or something else even. Please add a relevant tag to your question! – marc_s Jan 12 at 14:51
  • Where is Dashboard Spend coming from? Is it from a SQL query you are not showing? – The Impaler Jan 12 at 15:02
  • @TheImpaler Sorry for not providing more detail. Dashboard spend is just a manual calculation showing the result of what my dashboard looks like (spend*3) – stirfryguy Jan 12 at 21:00

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