Error when using the addPoints() function of chartSeries {quantmod} library

I'm trying to add points to a chartSeries plot and cannot seem to find a solution. I'm using the addPoints() function for the first time but always get the error

Error in addPoints(AAPL["2018-08", 6]) : x and y must be of equal lengths

I don't know what this error message means or how to correct it.

library (quantmod)

I'm expecting that it's going to add a point on the chart for each day representing the adjusted price, column 6 from the getSymbols time series, but I keep getting the error.


Apparently we need to provide both x and y, where your data corresponds to y:

addPoints(x = 1:nrow(AAPL["2018-08"]), y = AAPL["2018-08", 6])

enter image description here

  • This works great! I'm also using conditional logic to determine which x coordinates need a data point. Regardless of the time series value in the xts matrix used in the addPoints() function, it always begins plotting on the first x coordinate. – S Novogoratz Jan 12 at 18:06
  • @SNovogoratz, no problem. I'm not sure what you mean though, is what you described a problem? addPoints(y = AAPL["2018-08",6][1], x = 5) doesn't start from x = 1, if that helps. – Julius Vainora Jan 12 at 18:16

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