When i try to open the SSAS project file, visual studio 2015 throw the following exception:

'projectfile.dwproj` cannot be opened because its project type (.dwproj) is not supported by this version of the application.

To open it, please use a version that supports this type of project.


ssis error on vs2015

Any suggestions?

  • You may need to use Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS). It's a customized version of Visual Studio for developing this stuff. You used to get it by installing SQL Server Data Tools. – kenchilada Jan 12 at 21:25

Trying to figure out the issue

I think this is an issue of Visual Studio 2015 that require installing an extension:

This issue was cited in the following link, and the author found the following solution:

In the Extensions and Updates select "online" and search for "Microsoft Analysis Services Modeling" that toolset will provide the dwproj extensions.

So in Visual Studio:

  1. Go to Tools >> Extensions and Updates
  2. Select the Online option
  3. Search "Microsoft Analysis Services Modeling" or "Microsoft Analysis Server Projects"
  4. Install the extension

If you did n't fund the extension you can install it manually from the following link:

Update 1

Also make sure that you installed SQL Server Data Tools:

Update 2

If none of the instructions above solved the issue, make sure you have installed the latest update for Visual Studio 2015:

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