I saw so many similar questions here, but none of them helped me. Sorry, if this is something stupid, I am in process of learning.

I receive data from the serial port, and want to display it continuously. For this, I draw the data on a bitmap each time it received, and want PictureBox to display this bitmap. But it does not update (i.e. I just see empty area) until all the data is not fully received. Then I see only last graph, with all the data. But I checked: the graphs are plotting correctly, and the form class also receives them correctly. And these operations are not too fast, because I can even save files.

Here is my code. In constructor:

TemperatureListener::GraphBuilt += gcnew TemperatureListener::GraphBuiltHandler(this, &TrainingWindow::on_graph_built);
// GraphBuilt is fired each time when new graph is built
curr_index = 0; // For debugging


void TrainingWindow::on_graph_built(Bitmap^ b)
    this->b = b;
    // Code here executes when each new data point is received, as expected
    b->Save("Files/img" + curr_index + ".bmp"); // For debugging - saved pictures as I expect
    curr_index++; // For debugging

On paint event:

System::Void TrainingWindow::pictureBox_Paint(System::Object^  sender, System::Windows::Forms::PaintEventArgs^  e)
    pictureBox->Image = b;

I also tried Update() and Refresh(), they do not help, but is slows down the execution.

Please help me, what I am doing wrong?

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