I'm trying to build a booking system and I need help with the data structure. The goal is to select a bookingTimeStart and a bookingTimeEnd to do a search to find a shop that has that available time slot. I see that is possible to query firebase only for one parameter and I thought that I could combine alreadyBookedStart and alreadyBookedEnd times into one parameter that I'll store in shop/bookings child, and use it to compare against as suggested in this post: Query based on multiple where clauses in Firebase.

I'm not sure if it's a valid approach to achieve what I'm looking for or if there is a best practice for doing so, and how to apply suggested method number 2 to a time slot. I could just create a parameter that reflects baked time like Booked Time: 1000_1100meaning from 10:00 to 11:00, and query for a match with my search times. The problem is that if my search is from 10:00 to 10:30 I would get a searchTimeSlot: 1000_1030that wouldn't see the 1000_1100 as an unavailable time slot, and wouldn't filter out that shop from available shops for my booking. I would appreciate any suggestion on how to tackle the problem.

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