Im want to delete the tags from large number of VM in microsoft azure. But I get this error : Can not remove tag/tag value because it's being referenced by other resources. What I need to do and how to fix this error???

Remove-AzureRmTag -Name "sada" 

This code i have used to remove sada from all my Azure Virtual Machines


this means this tag is being used by some resource in azure, you can only remove unused tags with this cmdlet. so your only option is to remove all those tags from existing resource (you can use a fairly simple powershell script for that, or just mass tagging from the portal). and then you can run this cmdlet.

something like this:

$res = Get-AzResource -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue
    if ( $_.tags.ContainsKey('sada') ) {
    $_ | Set-AzResource -Tags $_.tags
  • I will be grateful if you give me this PowerShell script. I cant find anything besides this ( – Daniil Pavlovsky Jan 12 at 18:17
  • check updated answer, this might not be it exactly, but should be close enough – 4c74356b41 Jan 12 at 18:40
  • if i want to set value too ? – Daniil Pavlovsky Jan 12 at 22:40
  • that's too many questions. please, create a new question :) – 4c74356b41 2 days ago

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