I'm moving project from asp.net to django. I got following simple models.


public partial class File
    public File()
        this.Sheet = new HashSet<Sheet>(); // what I need in Django. 
    }                                      // Model passed to set, set passed to 
                                           // another model

    public virtual ICollection<Sheet> Sheet { get; set; } //ForeignKey


public partial class Sheet
    public virtual File File { get; set; }     //ForeignKey   

My Django equivalent:


class File(models.Model):  

# @classmethod      # working on a constructor here
# def create(cls):
#     sheet = cls(set(Sheet)) #terribly wrong
#     return sheet

class Sheet(models.Model):
    data = models.ForeignKey(File, on_delete=models.CASCADE)

So I need a model constructor with reference to another model wrapped in a set method. I know that I can't use __init__. Any thoughts will help.

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