I create PowerShell script from VPN connect (this work from powershell):

$vpnName = "VPN_NAME";
$vpn = Get-VpnConnection -Name $vpnName;
if($vpn.ConnectionStatus -eq "Disconnected"){
    rasdial $vpnName;

Next step: I create Service via http://nssm.cc. This is service worked but not connect VPN.

And next step: i convert script "ps1" via "ps2exe.ps1" to "exe". And all the same. Service work but not connect VPN.

How can I fix this? Thank.

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    Which user account does the service use? If Local System, try your own - or vice versa. – vonPryz Jan 13 at 8:14
  • @vonPryz Thank you! Earned after specifying my account. I think it is necessary to put a tick "allow other users to use vpn" and then, on ideas, will work in the standard way. – Firsim Jan 13 at 13:09

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