I have a matrix with 14 samples and I want randomly make sub-matrix with 5 samples like 20 times and make a graph each time!

I have tried for loop but didn't work so do you have any Idea?

#-select random samples
r1 <- sample(counts, 5)

#-add tolal count
r1$total <- cbind(rowSums(r1))
olaps <- count(r1, "total")
olaps <- olaps[-1,]
x = colnames(r1[1:5])

What I want at end 20 martrix r1 to r20 and their graphed, preferably in a multi-plot!

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    Please share your data and your attempt at a for loop. Check out this link on how to produce a reproducible example if you are unsure of how to share your data – astrofunkswag Jan 12 at 19:07

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