I am making a small programming to help me learn for school. It involves a question, an array with possible answers. But the way i solve it now is that if the answer contains any of the key-words from the array the question is marked as correct. Which is not really true. I would need at least 3 words from the array to assume someone has a correct answer. How can is solve this better ?

Console.WriteLine("Was versteht man unter Vollmachten ?");
string answerUser = Console.ReadLine();

string[] answer = {"Recht eines Mitarbeiters", "Namen", "Rechung", "Betriebs Rechtsgeschäfte", "Abzuschliesen"};

if (answer.Any(answerUser.Contains))

Instead of checking if just any elements match the condition:

if (answer.Any(answerUser.Contains))

Check if the count of elements matching the condition is greater than or equal to 3:

if (answer.Count(answerUser.Contains) >= 3)

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