I wrote a small python code, which is supposed to decompress a ~180Mb large binary file. The issue is that it only decompresses around 50Mb. I wonder if anyone has came across similar, weird issue like this before, and found solution for it.

import zlib, sys
text = open('REG_E.rzp','rb').read()
# 187424785

decompressed = zlib.decompress(text)
# 50001

Additional info: the first decompressed 50Mbytes are correct, and readable in hex editor. So I'm wondering, is there a limit, on how much zlib can decompress at once? I get no error messages, so I'm kinda in the dark with this.

  • I suspect the file was corrupted. Can you decompress it with the normal command-line utility (not python)? Does it still decompress to 50Mb? – gilch Jan 12 at 22:02
  • Do you know which compression format it's using? Which program was used to create the archive in the first place? – gilch Jan 12 at 22:13

It doesn't look like you're closing your files properly, so the files may not be fully being written to:

import zlib, sys
with open('REG_E.rzp','rb') as f:
    text = f.read()

decompressed = zlib.decompress(text)

with open('cecomp.bin','wb') as f:

recomp = zlib.compress(decompressed)
with open('recomp.bin','wb') as f:

Adding the with blocks ensures that you're closing the files (which also ensures that you actually finish writing to disk).

  • File closing doesn't seem to be the issue here. – Serberker Jan 12 at 22:19

From the file extension, it looks like it might have been compressed with rzip, not gzip. Rzip uses bzip2, not zlib's DEFLATE. Python's zlib module probably can't read that format.


Issue solved. The archive has to be decompressed file by file. In the image you can see the recompressed file, and the original. Luckily they line up. The line is padded with zeroes, before the next zlib header: 78 DA

enter image description here

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