How do I make an if statement concerning a TRadioGroup with two radio buttons, so that it outputs text when checking a specific radio button in the TRadioGroup.

The TradioGroup.Items has those values:

  • Male
  • Female

So when the Male button is checked, it must output 'Mr' and if the Female button is checked it must output 'Ms' to a rich edit.


Use the ItemIndex property of the TRadioGroup as

Case RadioGroup1.ItemIndex of
 0: //Add Mr to RichEdit;
 1: //Add Ms to RichEdit;
 //else if needed

If you really need to use if then

if RadioGroup1.ItemIndex = 0 then
  //Add Mr to RichEdit
if RadioGroup1.ItemIndex = 1 then
  //Add Ms to RichEdit;
//else if needed

You don't specify if you will Clear the TRichEdit component before adding the string, Add or Insert the string to it, or even replace another one with it according to the Index, Thus I leave it up to you and just write comments.

Since you have two buttons (assuming Mr - Ms in that order), then the ItemIdex property of the TRadioGroup component will hold:

  • -1 if none of them has been selected.
  • 0 means 'Mr' selected.
  • 1 means 'Ms' selected.
  • He asked for an if statement. – t1f Jan 12 at 22:11
  • I love your edits on the fly hahaha. Here, I'll delete the answer so you can get it :-) – t1f Jan 12 at 22:29

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