still quite new in QML. What I wish to do (and could not find out it on google) is to have background animation (like progress bar, green color moving from left to right in interval od 2sec = onMyPressAndHold). So far all is working, i have to hold button for 2 sec otherwise nothing happens... during this period of holding the button I would like to have the background button of progress bar moving (filling) from left to right... So far tried few things i googled up, but no luck at all.

Button {
    id: stopButton
    text: 'STOP' // STOP
    width: parent.width
    height: 50

    anchors {
        left: parent.left
        right: parent.right
        bottom: parent.bottom

    signal myPressAndHold()

    onPressed: {
    onReleased: {
    onMyPressAndHold: {
        stopButton.text = 'PLEASE WAIT...';
        textProgress.text = 'STOPPED';

    Timer {
        id: pressAndHoldTimer
        interval: 2000
        running: false
        repeat: false
        onTriggered: {
  • I see no animation implementation. And so if you say So far all is working what your question is? – folibis Jan 13 at 12:31
  • honestly this is all i got... i had some unsuccesfull tests which i decided to delete as it seemed it doesnt even make sence to work... and I was not able to google anythimg similar to start with... so my question is, how to even begin, and hopefully how to finish the animation to final state... – Jiri Zaloudek Jan 14 at 15:31

It looks like you are trying to reproduce the behavior of an already existing item DelayButton:

DelayButton {
    text: progress > 0 ? 'PLEASE WAIT...' : 'STOP'
    delay: 2000
    background: Rectangle {
        // here you can define your background, bound to your button 'progress' value
        // ...

    onActivated: DatabaseJS.push_start(mainScreen)

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