I'm trying to make a Superbowl boxes game generator. As a feature, I would like it to tell the users when the Superbowl is that year.

The Superbowl is always the first Sunday of February. I know how I can get whether it is Sunday, (import datetime today= datetime.date.today()), but I want the program to almost work this backwards, where I input 6 (the integer for Sunday in Python) and the program returns the date that Sunday falls out on.

Something like this:

date = datetime.date.toDate(day, month, year, which_week)

I'm expecting it to output February 3 (as an example for this year.

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    Could you perhaps show an example input and expected output? – RoadRunner Jan 13 at 0:14
  • Well, you can see what week day is the first day in the month, right? I should be easy after that. Eg. if the first day is Friday, you'll know that Sunday is the 3rd – zvone Jan 13 at 0:18

One idea is to calculate the weekday for the first day of a given month. Then add a calculated number of days for a specified weekday. For February 2019, the 3rd is the first Sunday:

from datetime import date, timedelta

def get_date(month, year, day_num):
    """Get date of first specified day given month and year."""
    first_date = date(year, month, 1)
    first_day = first_date.weekday()
    day_inc = day_num + (7 if first_day > day_num else 0) - first_day
    return first_date + timedelta(days=day_inc)

date = get_date(2, 2019, 6)  # 6 represents Sunday
# datetime.date(2019, 2, 3)

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