Is there a way we can load spring.xml file in a java class and load all the beans. For example:

@ContextConfiguration(locations = {"classpath*: spring.xml"})
public class springtest {

private PayloadRequest payloadRequest ;

public class PayloadRequest (){


You can use

@ImportResource("Path to file") this is used for importing xml configuration 
@Import({java classes}) this is used for importing java configuration

Here is link for official documentation:



To load XML configure beans into the application context use @ImportResource

The recommended way is to create a separate configuration class to load this xml bean definition file.

public class XmlConfiguration {

load multiple configs

@Import({ AppConfigOthers.class }) //loads another JavaConfig
 public class AppConfigCore {

By java code Just load in main method

ApplicationContext APPLICATION_CONTEXT = new ClassPathXmlApplicationContext("/spring/context/application-context.xml");
  • I have created a bean for PayloadRequest class in spring.xml. When I try to run that in AppConfigCore class, is throwing nullpointer exceptiion. Is there a way we can use rather than defining context.getBean("payloadRequest"). – ilovejava Jan 14 at 3:20
  • <bean id ="payloadRequest " class = Payload.PayloadRequest"> </bean> – ilovejava Jan 14 at 3:22
  • have you imported xml using @ ImportResourceupdate the code in the post @ilovejava – Deadpool Jan 14 at 5:20

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