I have an excel file where I have data with

02/03/2019 23:03:40
02/03/2019 23:03:40
02/03/2019 23:04:30
02/03/2019 23:08:25

I need occurrence of these time by minute, like I 2 occurrence for 03 minute and 1 for other. But I also need to get zero occurrence for minutes 5, 6, 7 in graph. Is this possible with pivot and graph

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    You might add a column into your data in which a COUNTIF function displays the number of occurrences. If you want to count different kinds of occurrences you would need one column for each kind. Once you have the data they can be displayed in a graph. – Variatus Jan 13 at 1:46

you could use the excel function minute to extract the minute from your dates, and then use countif to count the number of occurence


After this, you could easily plot them in a graph, just the select the row that contains the occurrences

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