What is the difference between below three and their use, examples will be most preferable :

  1. sourceArray.CopyTo(targetArray, 0);
  2. Array.Copy(sourceArray, targetArray, 0);
  3. int []targetArray = sourceArray;

The first two are almost identical and the last is pointing to the same reference. See below:

  1. sourceArray.CopyTo(targetArray, 0); simply calls Array.Copy(sourceArray, targetArray, 0); internally.
  2. Array.Copy(sourceArray, targetArray, 0); is one of multiple overloaded static methods for copying elements of one array to elements of another array.
  3. int[] targetArray = sourceArray; is giving targetArray the same reference as sourceArray. Meaning; if you change targetArray's array you're also changing the array referenced by sourceArray because they are the same (unless or until those references are reassigned to something else)
  • At point 3., if you change a value in sourceArray, targetArray will reflect the change. But (just something that might sound awkward to someone), if you set sourceArray to null, targetArray is still alive and kicking. – Jimi Jan 13 at 6:06
  • 1
    @Jimi Exactly... It's important to realize the difference between mutating your object and assigning / reassigning variables. – Michael Puckett II Jan 13 at 14:14

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