I'm working on an Android application and have been trying to get a splash screen working for my app. The problem I'm facing is that I have multiple image files that I need to display at even vertical spacing with specific widths.

I have tried setting up a separate activity with image views, but this approach just shows a blank screen for about a second, then moves on to the main activity. I have also tried just having a png file as the splash screen but on some devices, the splash screen would be too large, and on others, it would be too small.

I also found multiple articles stating that the best way to show a splash screen is to use a theme and a drawable XML file, but from what I can tell, this method won't work either as I wouldn't be able to have all of the parts be set to a width using a percentage of the screen size (i.e. part one needs to be 86% of the screen width, while part 2 needs to be 15% of the screen width). I also wouldn't be able to always have the pieces align each other the way I can with an activity layout.

Any help would be great in figuring out my problem. Thanks in advance!

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