As I want to customize Django user model, I migrated from default user model to my own custom user model. Since my Django project has been working since a long time ago, I need to keep the existing user data.

I was thinking to move them manually, but Django default user model's passwords are hidden. How can I safely move existing user data to my custom user model?

  • Is your field are same? – shafik Jan 13 at 7:17

Moving to CustomUser is no easy task in Django. If you want to keep the existing data, then as per ticket #25313, you need to do the following steps:

  1. Create a custom user model identical to auth.User, call it User (so many-to-many tables keep the same name) and set db_table='auth_user' (so it uses the same table).
  2. Throw away all your migrations from all the apps(except for __init__.py file inside the migrations folder).
  3. Recreate a fresh set of migrations(using python manage.py makemigrations).
  4. Make a backup of your database.
  5. Delete all entries from django_migrations table from DB.
  6. Fake-apply the new set of migrations(using python manage.py migrate --fake).
  7. Optional: Set db_table="your_custom_table" or remove it altogether.
  8. Make other changes to the custom model, generate migrations, apply them.
  • Thank you for the detailed steps! For deleting all migrations, can you explain why I need to throw away all migrations? After finishing by step 2, I can see my custom user model shows up with my existing user data. From that point, I just wanna make sure if it's a necessary step. – Jay Jan 14 at 15:30
  • When you run migration with new updated fields, you might see this error ValueError: Related model ‘app.User’ cannot be resolved. So to prevent that, you need take these steps. You can check this blog as well: ruddra.com/posts/django-custom-user-migration-mid-phase-project – ruddra Jan 14 at 16:49

You can dump your existing model data with dumpdata command and also able to reload those data to that model or your changed custom model with loaddata command. Here is a good example how you can able to do that. link

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