I'm making an android App that shows images at full screen.

I learned some about dpi and dp, but I didn't find how many pixel must be the largest side of my images (in prospective to good fit also in landscape mode) to appear good in different devices.

As in the documentation, the most used screen configurations are normal with hdpi, xhdpi and xxhdpi density: enter image description here

So, if my thinking is correct, I can make only one image to fit the xxhdpi to works fine also with the other two densities, and put it in Android Studio under the "res/drawable" folder (without qualifier). Specifying the image size in dp in the layout, Android should scale the image for the smaller configurations.

But, for the xxhdpi, how many pixel must be the largest side of my image, in pixel, to show good?

All images are photo, saved with 72 dpi. So I can't use vector.

Thanks a lot!

  • @MichaelWarner, I don't think it's a duplicate because my question is specific to the pixel for the xxhdpi – user2342558 Feb 21 at 8:18

Well, if you put the image which fits the xxxhdpi inside the folder drawable, then it will fit all the screens.

But there is another way to use only one image instead of using multiple images for different resolutions. It's by using svg images which are vector images that will not be affected by zoom in or zoom out.

To use svg you need to follow these instructions:

  1. Make the icon to be icon.svg
  2. In the Android Studio, right click on drawable folder
  3. Choose New -> Vector Asset
  4. Choose Local File (SVG, PSD)
  5. Choose your svg file
  6. Click Next and choose the name
  7. Click Finish
  8. In the app build.gradle add the following inside android block:

    vectorDrawables {
        useSupportLibrary true
  9. In the xml layout file, add the following:

  • Thank's for the replay but I can't use vector because my images are photo... I specified that now in my question. – user2342558 Jan 13 at 14:35
  • @user2342558 See my updated answer plz, first line is the solution. – Khalid Taha Jan 13 at 14:37
  • You do not answered my question "for the xxhdpi, how many pixel must be the largest side of my image, in pixel, to show good?" – user2342558 Jan 14 at 7:37

Android have ratios defined for a image to set in all different drawables

Android icons require five separate sizes for different screen pixel densities. Icons for lower resolution are created automatically from the baseline.

  • mdpi: 160 dpi 1×
  • hdpi: 240 dpi 1.5×
  • xhdpi: 320 dpi 2×
  • xxhdpi: 480 dpi 3×
  • xxxhdpi:640 dpi 4×

Above size is for normal pixel icons. There are fix android size for Action bar, Dialog & Tab icons, Launcher icons & Notification icons

Check this link for more details http://iconhandbook.co.uk/reference/chart/android/

  • Did you read my question? I need info for images, not icons... – user2342558 Feb 1 at 8:38
  • Yes but thats what I answer, it depends on the ratio. the maximum image which is good for xxxhdpi will be 4* with you baseline image size – Kajol Chaudhary Feb 1 at 9:02
  • You do not answered my question "for the xxhdpi, how many pixel must be the largest side of my image, in pixel, to show good?" – user2342558 Feb 1 at 11:28

You have to take a look at the current market of smartphones.

Here you can see the screen sizes and resolutions of the most popular devices in the market.


Order the list in pixel per inch and you will see that top smartphones have resolutions bigger than 500 ppi or another way to see it, much bigger than 72ppi of your images.

If you have enough space to store or mechanism to download images try to test with full quality. If thats too much try to find a compromise. Lower image quality and see the result in high resolution screen.

Note that you didn't posted here the total size of image, in case is bigger than screen size, take a look at total size of image and compress it to fit your needs, maintaining as much as possible the resolution.

Edit: Looking only to size of image in pixels, the current biggest screen in smartphone is 2560 x 1440 pixels, so you wont need any image bigger than this.

  • Why are you using the ppi unit? I need to know about the pixel attribute... Your explain about the ppi does not help me. – user2342558 Feb 4 at 9:04
  • The image has the size and resolution. When you describe image size, you can refer to any of those. Anyway if you re only interested in the size of the image in pixels, just check in the screens table whats the size of screen (you have there the size in pixels) and adjust your image to the screen with highest resolution. 2960 x 1440 pixels. If it takes too much space, find a good compromise by reducing image size and testing in smartphone. – devzeze Feb 5 at 8:49
  • Hi, you have the answer of the size of the image in pixels, can you update the answer and score? – devzeze Feb 6 at 16:50

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