When trying to compile my prgram with:

gcc -pedantic -Wall -ansi 

I get the warning: warning: statement with no effect

Referring to this line:

for(currentDirection; currentDirection <= endDirection; currentDirection++)

Can anyone help me with this?


currentDirection; does nothing.

Replace your line with

for(; currentDirection <= endDirection; currentDirection++)

Or, in case you just forgot to initialize the variable:

for(currentDirection = 0; currentDirection <= endDirection; currentDirection++)
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    Or perhaps it's meant to be currentDirection = 1 given the termination criterion Mar 24 '11 at 9:59
for(currentDirection; currentDirection <= endDirection; currentDirection++)
 // ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Its saying about the above statement.

First statement should have an assignment, which is not happening in this case and is the reason for the warning. Make sure currentDirection is assigned to a valid value or it might have garbage and might later cause issues.

It is similar to when said -

 int i = 10 ;
 i ;   // This statement is valid but has no effect.

In my experience this issue comes up when you do somthing along the lines of

int x = 0;
for(x = 0;x < num; x++){}

When you are declaring your loop and you already initialize your variable, x you don't need to declare it a second time. So either do:

int x = 0;
for(; x < num; x++){}


int x;
for(x = 0; x < num; x++){}

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