I want the resources organized like files under directories. e.g. I want to save images for an user user1 as user1/a.jpg. So that in aws console I get the view such as user1 is a directory containing a.jpg

Problem is for getSignedUrl, the mandatory key field refers to the resource key which is the filename here. But in unix systems resources cannot be named with slash (/). On the other hand, For getSignedUrl, the key field value must match with the resource name. How to solve this issue ?


s3.getSignedUrl('putObject', {
    Bucket: 'test_bucket',
    Key: '5f4b17d66defty68abc34e/5935502.jpg',
    Expires: 20
}, (err, url) => {

so I want a folder named 5f4b17d66defty68abc34e to be created in the bucket.

But unable to set the image name to include the slash (/) in my local machine

  • Your question is a little hard to understand. Can you edit your question to include your code that is giving you difficulties? Or can you explain your situation in more detail (eg "When I do this... I this problem...")? Is your problem in generating the Signed URL, or in downloading the file? More information, please. – John Rotenstein Jan 14 at 7:20
  • @JohnRotenstein I have included the code. Please have a look – Md. Arafat Al Mahmud Jan 14 at 7:40
  • I don't think the name of the original file on your machine matters. The SignedURL simply defines where it will be saved on S3. Have you tried using the resulting URL to POST a file? See also: How do I put object to amazon s3 using presigned url? – John Rotenstein Jan 14 at 10:14

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