In my django project i have to do an ORM query like this:

ordered = t_threads.objects.values('thread_stag').filter(thread_status='DEAD',id_test__test_main__descr__contains= 'Hello').distinct().select_related().order_by('id')[1:10]

i need to group result for value 'thread_stag' filtered for status and test description, having all values from related tables, but when i execute the above query system return:

raise TypeError("Cannot call select_related() after .values() or .values_lis t()")

if i remove the "select_related()" option i don't have values from related tables. How can i achieve my result in django ORM?

So many thanks in advance

  • try ordered = t_threads.objects.filter(thread_status='DEAD',id_test__test_main__descr__contains= 'Hello').values('thread_stag').order_by('id').distinct()[1:10] – Yahor Tsyplakou Jan 14 at 10:10
  • try move values('thread_stag') in last – Ngoc Pham Jan 14 at 10:10
  • select_related does not change the fields you get back, it just makes following related objects more efficient. – Daniel Roseman Jan 14 at 10:14

Just move values to the end like below:

ordered = t_threads.objects \ 
           .filter(thread_status='DEAD',id_test__test_main__descr__contains= 'Hello') \
           .distinct() \ 
           .select_related() \ 
           .values('thread_stag') \ 

Notice then you also have to specify a fields list for select_related!

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