I'm using Azure Mobile services to sync offline data in a wpf mvvm app. When the app is online CRUD works fine, but when going offline and adding a new record and deleting it wil give this Error:

Message = "The item is in inconsistent state in the local store. Please complete the pending sync by calling PushAsync() before deleting the item."

I also tried purging the record but it will return

The table cannot be purged because it has pending operations.


                await _client.GetSyncTable<TEntity>().DeleteAsync(Model);
                await _client.SyncAsync();
            catch (InvalidOperationException invex)
                var query = _client.GetSyncTable<TEntity>().CreateQuery().Where(el => el.Id == Model.Id);
                await _client.GetSyncTable<TEntity>().PurgeAsync($"purgeEtBla", query,true,CancellationToken.None);
                await _client.SyncAsync();


 var entity = _mapper.Map<TEntity>(EntityViewModel);
 await _client.GetSyncTable<TEntity>().InsertAsync(entity);
 await _client.SyncAsync();
  • I'm facing the same issue did you find a solution? – abe Jan 24 at 15:08
  • I have not found a proper solution yet, It is possible to delete the item manually from the local sql db but that is kinda ugly. – Kolsters Feb 3 at 13:09

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