I am trying to set up a 64-bit ODBC data source connection in UiPath, but it's not visible and only showing 32-bit data sources.

Is it because UiPath is a 32-bit software? Please suggest an alternate workaround.

32-bit data source is visible in uipath

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A 32-bit application can only load 32-bit ODBC drivers.

Your options are to --

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Connect activity in UiPath drops down only 32bit data sources. I solved this using following method.

  • Go to Oracle official website and download Oracle Instant Client 32 bit. (Link1)
  • Download Basic Package (in Base section), SDK Package and ODBC Package (in Develpoment and Runtime section).
  • Extract them in a directory.
  • There will be folder created similar to instantclient_19_3. Open this folder and run odbc_install.exe (Might prompt for administrator privilegs)
  • Sometimes there might be messages stating that "This program is not installed correctly". Ignore this message.

That's all. Create a data source using ODBC Data Source Administrator Application(32 bit) in Windows machine.There you will be able to create an Oracle data source using Oracle instantclient_19_3 driver.

Refer image

After successful creation of this data source, now you will be able to see your data source from UiPath Connect activity.

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