I am working on an Android application and I am trying to consume an endpoint that takes in an image, saves it to Google Cloud Storage and returns a URL.


I'm NOT new to working with endpoints but I don't know what image object to send (A Uri, a bitmap, a file, etc). Every format I use returns an Internal Server Error.

Here's the part of my user service interface responsible for making the request:

Call<PhotoUrlGetter> getUrlForPhoto(@Body Uri media);

Here's the part of my code where I'm actually making the request:

Uri media = ""; //the value is gotten from the image the user selected from gallery

UserService photoService = ServiceGeneratorForMedia.createService(UserService.class, "photoservice");

    Call<PhotoUrlGetter> photoCall = photoService.getUrlForPhoto(media);

    photoCall.enqueue(new Callback<PhotoUrlGetter>() {
             public void onResponse(Call<PhotoUrlGetter> call, Response<PhotoUrlGetter> response) {
                     Toast.makeText(getActivity().getApplicationContext(), response.body().getMediaUrl(), Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show();
                         Toast.makeText(getActivity().getApplicationContext(), Integer.toString(response.code()), Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show();

              public void onFailure(Call<PhotoUrlGetter> call, Throwable t) {
                       Toast.makeText(getActivity().getApplicationContext(), "Failed", Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show();
  • Kindly drop a comment if there's any code snippet that's required and that I omitted. I was trying not to make the question too long. – Taslim Oseni Jan 14 '19 at 13:16
  • 1
    You may want to check if your server has read and write permissions enabled for your client – LiNKeR Jan 14 '19 at 18:06
  • It does. I have consumed other endpoints in this same application. – Taslim Oseni Jan 14 '19 at 18:07

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