I have an issue. In my Host/cloud solution, I must use environment variables of pricing for each country this way 'defined in their "Environment Variables").




I can access those using process.env.XXX such as process.env.BASIC_PRICE_FR

As you see these environment variables depend on the country as the price vary from one country to the other.

In our node.js app, the challenge is that when a function is executed, it is self aware of the country so, we can (and must) use the "current" country and the current country_iso_code ("fr" for example), and with this we must use the pricing that match this country.

After reading on SO some posts on "dynamic variable names" , I tried eval, global[] and window[] like below, but none work and all outputs "undefined" values

//note: iso_code_3166_we_can_use is something passed to the function by the final user or by some other lambda in the function context.
const current_country_iso_code_uppercase = iso_code_3166_we_can_use;
const basicPrice   = parseInt( "process.env.BASIC_PRICE_" + current_country_iso_code_uppercase + "_PRODUCT")
console.log(basicPrice)//bug here as outputs "undefined"


The suggestion of using process.env['xxx'] did not work so I add here the results

console.log(process.env.BASIC_PRICE_FR_PRODUCT);//outputs 50
console.log('BASIC_PRICE_' + iso_code_uppercase + '_PRODUCT' );//just to be sure :): outputs BASIC_PRICE_FR_PRODUCT
console.log( process.env['BASIC_PRICE_' + iso_code_uppercase + '_PRODUCT'] );// DOES NOT WORK, outputs undefined
  • Have you tried process.env["BASIC_PRICE_" + current_country_iso_code_uppercase + "_PRODUCT"]? – Sebastian Simon Jan 14 at 22:31
  • @Xufox i'll try now, no i haven't, i tried some circumvented/complex stuff ...why didn't i think of it? will update if it works – Mathieu Jan 14 at 22:33
  • @Xufox did not work, see my edits – Mathieu Jan 14 at 23:14
  • Does it work if you group all six variables in a single object, e.g. PRODUCT_PRICES, then use process.env.PRODUCT_PRICES["BASIC_PRICE_" + current_country_iso_code_uppercase + "_PRODUCT"]? Apparently process.env is a bit… “special”. – Sebastian Simon Jan 14 at 23:20
  • 1
    UPDATE: looks like there's a webpack fix in progress: github.com/webpack/webpack/pull/8721 – dkershaw Mar 6 at 20:17

Use [] to dynamically access an object's property:

var country = 'FR'
var price   = process.env['BASIC_PRICE_' + country + '_PRODUCT']
  • hey feeling stupid, i am trying right now – Mathieu Jan 14 at 22:31
  • tried but did not work. I added what it outputted in my question EDIT – Mathieu Jan 14 at 23:12
//Create an empty dictionary,
var process_env_dict = {};
process_env_dict['env'] = process.env;

//then you can access it with the below statement as you expected

var result = JSON.parse(JSON.stringify(process_env_dict))['env']['BASIC_PRICE_' + country + '_PRODUCT'];

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