I want to create a simple snackbar that come from top of the screen instesd of bottom.In flutter i have used native snackbar but it does not have such feature.

  • Did you check the answer? – westdabestdb Jan 15 at 9:54
  • I need something similar to snackbar, toast is ok but only in case If I did not find any solution. – R S Singh Jan 15 at 10:19
  • My bad, I misread the question. Let me update the answer. – westdabestdb Jan 15 at 10:27
  • Here you go, I updated the answer. – westdabestdb Jan 15 at 10:32

You can use https://pub.dartlang.org/packages/flushbar

  child: Text('Show Top Snackbar'),
  onPressed: () {
      flushbarPosition: FlushbarPosition.TOP,
      ..title = "Hey Ninja"
      ..message = "Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry"
      ..duration = Duration(seconds: 3)
  • Yes, I have used this plugin as well but it has a major bug if you show two snackbar in a row than the old one does not dismiss on its own. That's why I was looking for some alternative. Thanks for your help but I am looking for something more.If you have some more suggestions than please suggest. – R S Singh Jan 15 at 10:39
  • Well, you can try to prevent user to create 2 snackbars at the same time. – westdabestdb Jan 15 at 10:44
  • That doesn't sound like a bug to me. I believe snackbar behaves the same way. Imagine having 5 messages to show at once and since the previous ones get dismissed automatically to show the next, only the last snackbar is going to appear. – SwiftingDuster Jan 16 at 2:04
  • No, actually what happens with this plugin is that if we are showing a message on button click and you press the button 8 times very fast that you get 8 snackbar one after other, then only the most recent will dismiss on its ownand other will stay there until you swipe them out which means you need to swipe 7 snackbars which is not user friendly. – R S Singh Jan 16 at 7:52

This is a bit different than a snackbar, but if you are still looking for an info presentation option, I just finished up a pub package that does a dropdown banner.


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