Below is the image of my code please have a look on it.

I am trying to retrieve data from excel sheet and storing it into database table through SQL bulkcopy.


The date format is 05-01-2019; it is inserted as 2019-05-01 (database) incorrectly - correct date is 2019-01-05.

When date is greater than 12 it stores in correct format.

2019-12-25 (database) correct 
Excel : 25-12-2019

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    You've not posted an image, however, before you do, don't. Images of data, code, etc, use all but useless to the volunteers you're asking help from. Post data/code as what is it: text. – Larnu Jan 15 at 10:37
  • Possible duplicate of Converting a String to DateTime – VDWWD Jan 15 at 10:38

convert your string to a date first with

DateTime.ParseExact("25-12-1986", "dd-MM-yyyy", NULL)

then format it into your date

you can also consider TryParseExact to check for wrong format

your problem is that 05-01-2019 tends to mean 'May 1st 2019' in US style date formats, therefore you need to be very careful with formats. The policy of automatically making 25-12-1966 into 25th December (which is all it could be interpreted as) is not as helpful as it seems.

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