I have a MPEG-2 TS with a stream of video and a steam of KLV metadata. I can use ffmpeg-python to process each of these streams independently. For example, I can get the video stream, process each frames using numpy as shown in the docs. I can also get the data stream and show it in following way (using the library klvdata):

process = (
        .output('pipe:', format='data', codec='copy', map='data-re')
        .run_async(pipe_stdout=True, pipe_stderr=True)

for packet in klvdata.StreamParser(process.stdout.read()):


How do I do these at the same time? I need to split the TS data into its streams and process them both, keeping them in sync. ffmpeg by itself can demultiplex the streams into separate files, but how do I handle the streams in python. The KLV has information that I want to show on top of the video stream (recognition boxes).

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