I would want to listen to events when the user changes the default keyboard to a custom one. I can detect this when the keyboard is opened or when the user presses the back button on the device. However, there are times when the keyboard is in the open state, i can switch to a custom one on the fly but not receive and callback. The keyboard state remains open, so its not even possible to trigger a keyboard state change then.

I have gone through a majority of the posts on stackoverflow and even android docs, but i do not seem to get what i am looking for. I cannot even listen to disptachEvents or keyUp events since these are related to hardware keyboards.

Is there a way for me to be able to detect this in my code base?

  • I'd ask why you need this? The user is switching between keyboards. WHatever keyboard they use will still send you data. What usecase do you have that you need to know? But no, there is no API for this. – Gabe Sechan Jan 18 at 21:15

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