I'm setting up a new server using nginx and nginx-rtmp-module. I installed a DeckLink Duo2 card to output SDI signals comming from the RTMP stream.

Everything works really great using this simple nginx.conf configuration:

rtmp {
    server {
            listen 1935;
            chunk_size 4096;

            wait_video on;
            wait_key on;

            sync 10ms;

            application live {
                live on;
                record off;

                exec_push /home/myuser/bin/ffmpeg -i rtmp:// -f decklink -format_code pal -pix_fmt uyvy422 'DeckLink Duo (1)';

My goal is to achieve the absolute minimum delay between the received stream and the SDI output.

I can achieve 3 seconds "waving hand" delay using the configuration that I mentioned. However, using ffplay I observe 1.5s delay using the -fflags nobuffer option.

As ffplay cannot output to a decklink device, I want ffmpeg to reduce the buffer to the minimum, but I can't find the way to do it. All the -rtmp_buffer or -fflag nobuffer or any other options have no impact on the delay.

The stream is being received in the same machine ffmpeg is running, that is why it makes sense to reduce the ffmpeg buffering to the minimum if I want to achieve low delay.

Any tips?

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