I have unit tests for a webapplication. The unit tests are directly linked to HPALM which will be updated with Passed/Failed based on the outcome of the test. I myself can run the tests from VS itself, but I need other (non-developpers) people to be able to run the tests as well. My main problem is finding how to link the testmethods to an executable winform (in which they can choose which testmethod to run in a combobox for example).

The unit tests are written in c# (Selenium) with VS testing tools as framework.

What is not possible: - Out of the box solutions do not apply since I need to fetch my tests from HPALM as well. - Keep doing unit tests myself/teach how to use VS to others (Long story short: non-negotiable requirement from my client).

What might be possible: Running Vstest.console based on parameters that are given from the winform. The logic seems OK, but I lack knowledge on how to include variable parameters in a vstest.console command from the winform.

Ideal solution: All the logic is inside the solution of the webform and based on the input given, I can call the unit tests (this can be within/apart from the unit testing solution but it cannot have to be triggered in VS).

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