My app has a "data table" component that handles loading data from API endpoints, pagination, filtering, etc. (For simplicity my code sample only includes pagination.) I've extracted it from frequently duplicated code, and the main part that changes is how the data is displayed, so I have client code provide a template.

My data table component looks like this:


  selector: '[appContent]'
export class ContentDirective {}

export class DataTableContext<TItem> {
  constructor(public $implicit: TItem[]) {}

  selector: 'app-data-table',
  templateUrl: './data-table.component.html'

export class DataTableComponent<TItem> implements OnInit {
  static PageSize = 20;

  @Input() fetchData: (skip: number, take: number) => TItem[]

  @ContentChild(ContentDirective, {read: TemplateRef})
  contentTemplate: TemplateRef<DataTableContext<TItem>>;

  public rows: TItem[] = [];

  ngOnInit() {

  loadMore () {
    this.rows.push(...this.fetchData(this.rows.length, DataTableComponent.PageSize))

  newContext () {
    return new DataTableContext(this.rows);


<ng-container *ngTemplateOutlet="contentTemplate; context: newContext()"></ng-container>
<button (click)="loadMore()">load more</button>

And it's used like this:


  selector: 'my-app',
  templateUrl: './app.component.html',
export class AppComponent  {
  fetchNumbers(skip: number, take: number): number[] {
    console.log("AppComponent.fetchNumbers()", {skip, take})
    return range(skip, skip+take);


<app-data-table [fetchData]="fetchNumbers">
  <ul *appContent="let numbers">
    <li *ngFor="let number of numbers">{{number}}</li>

(All of this is on StackBlitz at https://stackblitz.com/edit/dv-so-angular-typed-templates.)

What eludes me is: How do I make Angular/Typescript/Webstorm understand that in app.component.html, the type of numbers is actually number[], so that I get accurate autocomplete/type checking? The implementation of DataTable et al. is generic, but those types don't really do anything in calling code as far as I can see. Even better if it'd connect the return type of fetchNumbers() with numbers, e.g. complain if I tried passing a function returning a string[] to a data table with a template that expects a number[].

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