How can I comment out multiple cells in Jupyter Ipython / JupyterLab notebook? The code is in Python.

The keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + / on Microsoft Windows and Cmd + / on Mac OS X only work if the selected code is within one cell. However, if I select several cells, then these keyboard shortcut don't work anymore.

Selecting several cells can be done by clicking on the margin of cell, then holding CTRL or SHIFT, and clicking on the margin of another cell:

enter image description here


As stated in the comments, you can:

a) Convert all them to markdown (select and press m)

b) Go cell by cell selecting all text (control+a) and then (control + /) to comment

c) Merge all cells in one, and then comment. Unfortunately, I don't think this option is reversible

If anyone knows another option, I'd be happy to know about it!

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