I have implemented my own QOpenGLWidget class. I use update() when a new video frame is arrived, or resizeGL is called.

At the beginning, the video frame is showing fine by paintGL. But after some time(<3min), paintGL is only triggered by resizeGL, not by update() from new video frames.

I find others are encountering the same problem. But no solutions have been posted. QOpenGLWidget only updates when resized

How can QOpenGLWidget update not result in paintGL events?

QOpenGLWidget stops repainting on update()

Update: When I only render one QOpenGLWidget, everything is fine. But when two or more, the bigger one will soon freeze.

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Finally, I find the answer.

I have to invoke qt's update() method in the main thread. You can achieve it by QT's sig-slot.

I just wonder, why update() have to be invoked in main thread, is it a QT bug?

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    All kind of GUI work has to be done in the main thread in order to work properly. So that's probably no Qt Bug.
    – taminob
    Commented Jan 17, 2019 at 14:54

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