I am trying to get all the individuals which are connected through an object property(lets say here isSameAs). For this purpose i need to load Hermit reasoner to get all individuals. In my code , i can not get individuals connected through inference. My question is how to load the Hermit reasoner to do this task?

SymmetricProperty isSynonymOf = 


    Iterator<Individual> iterInd = ontModel.listIndividuals();
    while (iterInd.hasNext()) {
        Individual ind = iterInd.next();
        if (ind.getLocalName().equalsIgnoreCase(input)) {

            NodeIterator iterVal = ind.listPropertyValues(isSameAs);
            while (iterVal.hasNext()) {
               // System.out.println(" * " + ((Resource) 

  • @Ignazio can you see please – Tolga Jan 16 at 11:48

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