I am having an issue which causes OutOfMemoryError in my Java application.

The application uses Quartz scheduling library and has one daemon which sends data to ActiveMQ queue.

Application simplified work:

  1. A daemon runs every 500ms and reads data from a data source, the daemon consists of multiple beans and when it finishes it works it will be deleted!
  2. The daemon sends the data to the ActiveMQ queue.
  3. The daemon uses a connection to the queue which is initialized when the application starts, so improper connection closing is not the issue for the leak!

When running the Jprofiler on the Java application I see increasing heap size due to creation on byte[] instances and I thought this is because of the messages sent to the queue, my question is does anyone know if there is any kind of configuration that the ActiveMQ uses to continue filling my heap memory?

Note: I am almost 100% percent sure that the memory leak is caused by the ActiveMQ when sending the data

  • I think somehow the producer saves the messages in memory so that's why the heap size is decreasing. – egb mahajne Jan 16 at 11:56

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