As var_dump shows, the quotes were swapped with ascii (?)

    'emails2bsent' => string '["email1@gmail.com","email2@gmail.com"]'

Running preg_replace and forcing them being changed back to regular quotes solved the problem:

$_POST = preg_replace("/"/", "\"", $_POST);
$json = $_POST['emails2bsent'];
var_dump(json_decode($json, true));


array (size=2)
    0 => string 'email1@gmail.com' (length=23)
    1 => string 'email2@gmail.com' (length=23)

array (size=2)
    0 => string 'email1@gmail.com' (length=23)
    1 => string 'email2@gmail.com' (length=23)

The actual problem:

json_decode on POST hidden value.

I am sending an array of emails via form's hidden field:

<input name="emails2bsent" type="hidden" value='<?php echo json_encode($emails2bsent)?>' />

and then while trying to get the array back:

$emails2bsent = json_decode($_POST['emails2bsent'], true);


$emails2bsent = json_decode($_POST['emails2bsent']);

it returns nothing. What am I doing wrong?


The print_r output on the destination page shows these:

    [reminder] => Some copy goes here,
    [button] => Send
    [go3] => three
    [reminder_ID] => 198
    [emails2bsent] => ["email1@gmail.com","email2@gmail.com"]

When I want to access $_POST['emails2bsent']


I can do that, too. It just cannot be decoded. I am stuck on this one cuz I wanna understand why this isn't working. I would have programmed it around long time ago but I just cannot let it go without knowing why it's not working..

May I know WHY I got two minus votes? For asking questions?

Re: ADyson

The input field of my form before sending it:

<input name="emails2bsent" type="hidden" value="[&quot;email1@gmail.com&quot;,&quot;email2@gmail.com&quot;]">

The code I use to view the passed data:

$out = json_decode($_POST['emails2bsent'], true);
echo '<br>out: ' . $out;

The output on the page:

    [reminder] => The copy
    [button] => send
    [go3] => three
    [reminder_ID] => 198
    [emails2bsent] => ["email1@gmail.com","email2@gmail.com"]

  • var_dump($_POST); , what is the form's html code? – Quasimodo's clone Jan 16 at 11:46
  • 2
    What does the $emails2bsent variable looks like (var_dump($emails2bsent)). – Salman A Jan 16 at 11:47
  • 1
    If json_decode() returns null it indicates a failure to decode the data. php.net/manual/en/function.json-last-error-msg.php might help you find out why. As the others said, you should also check that the raw input values contain what you are expecting. From the minimal code sample provided, we have no way to know what is going wrong - we need further information. Thanks. – ADyson Jan 16 at 11:49
  • htmlspecialchars didn't do anything :( However the json-last-error shows error number 4. I really don't get this JSON thing... – Greg Bialowas Jan 16 at 12:17
  • JSON is just a way of formatting and structuring data in a textual format. It's nothing terribly complicated. Anyway, error code 4 indicates a syntax error in the JSON (you can look this up in the docs, or use json_last_error_msg() to get a text description of the error. Now, you say that your $_POST["emails2bsent"] value contains ["email1@gmail.com","email2@gmail.com"], but as this demo shows, that data would not cause json_decode() to crash. The data you've provided doesn't reproduce the issue – ADyson Jan 16 at 13:09

I suspect you need to HTML-encode the JSON:

<input name="emails2bsent"
       value="<?php echo htmlspecialchars(json_encode($emails2bsent)); ?>">

Valid JSON could result in invalid HTML and browser might not post it correctly.

  • Nobody knows since comments are not answered, however, encoding, especially doublequotes, should generally be done. +1 – Quasimodo's clone Jan 16 at 11:59

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