I want to create global functions which be used in each unit test of my package:

  • beforeTest() which creates database table to test
  • afterTest() which drops the test database table.




beforeTest <- function() {
  # implementation

afterTest <- function() {
  # implementation



test_that("mytest", {

  # implemetation of the unit test...
  # ...
  # ...

The problem is that file unit_test_1.R doesn't see the functions beforeTest() and afterTest()

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    I guess it depends on how you execute your tests (RStudio, devtools...). I would put the functions into a separate R file in tests/testthat and source the functions in each test file. That is how I "inject" db connections in my packages... – R Yoda Jan 16 at 15:00
  • I execute the tests by devtools::test() Thx I will do the same. – stakowerflol Jan 16 at 16:09

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