the basic idea of ANT is that you define targets, each with input and output files and dependencies to other targets. ANT will run a target only if the input files are newer than the output files.

Here's e.g. my target that does an XSLT transformation of the in-file to the out-file. BUT!! The XSLT transformation also uses two other files for it's processing. They're imported using the doc() function from within the XSLT script, so they don't appear in the target input fileset.

I do have the dependencies for building these input files set in the depends-attribute of the target, but even when these two files are updated, the target will not run because it only checks the timestamp on the file in the in-attribute.

Is there some way to tell ANT that my target has other input files than those in the task's input fileset, that should also trigger a run of the target if they're updated?

 <target name="xml_latin_nl" depends="xml_latin_tree, geloofsverdediging_xml,geloofsverdediging_titels_xml">
   <xslt style="xml_latin_nl.xslt" in="xml_latin_tree/xml_latin_tree.xml" out="xml_latin_nl/xml_latin_nl.xml">
     <classpath location="${saxon-pe.location.ant}" />

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