I have a number of sku's listed on my site. The sku's found are 12 digits long. In my store they are listed on the product detail page as 8 chars.

Mirasvit Search has a function to replace this, however how it's supposed to work is a mystery...

I'm debugging the Sphinx Search Replace function on a an old magento store / client's website: 12 characters replace to 8 if regex matches following style:


Match Replace (4 characters)




I need to replace 166278010201 to 16241702 in order to show matching search results...

I've included the documentation: https://mirasvit.com/doc/extension_searchsphinx/current/ssp/global/long_tail

  • Can you explain why 166278010201 would be replaced by 16241702? It doesn't seem to be following any order. Perhaps you meant replaced by 16627801? – Robo Mop Jan 17 at 3:43
  • What I mean is, do you want to replace a 12 digit number by the first 8 digits? – Robo Mop Jan 17 at 3:44
  • Yes, and I figured out how to do this in specific regex, however this does not fly with MirasVits SEO Sphinx regex settings... – John Doe Jan 17 at 9:57
  • 1
    Try: Match Expression - /[0-9]{12}/, Replace Expression - /[0-9]{4}$/, Replace Char - empty – Wiktor Stribiżew Jan 17 at 10:35
  • It works! Thank you very much. You may post this as the solution – John Doe Jan 17 at 10:54

You may use

Match Expression - /[0-9]{12}/
Replace Expression - /[0-9]{4}$/
Replace Char - empty

This will find all 12-digit chunks of text and remove the last 4 digits from each match found.

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