I was trying to use boxplot to exam the relationship between categorical and multiple numerical varaibles. I am using the breast cancer dataset from kaggle: https://www.kaggle.com/uciml/breast-cancer-wisconsin-data

The data have column 'diagnosis' to be the classification criteria/dependent variable (which is categorical) and 30 other columns (all numeric) as explanatory variable such as 'radius_mean' 'radius_se' 'radius_worst' etc.

My qeustion is instead of list all 30 variables by their names

'plot (radius_mean radius_se ... )*diagnosis;',

is there a way to refer to all 30 variable names using a simpler command?



Just use the system view VCOLUMN to ask sas itself what fields it has

proc sql
    select name
    into :num_vars separated by ' '
    where libname = 'YOUR_LIB'              /* upper case */
      and memname = 'YOUR_MEMBER'           /* upper case */
      and name not in ('id', 'diagnosis'); /* correct case */

This creates a macro variable that lists all the variables you need

%put &num_vars;

Now use that

proc boxplot data=YOUR_LIB.YOUR_MEMBER;
    plot (&num_vars)*diagnosis; 

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